Ge 116 Syllabus (draft 11/11/16)

Analytical Techniques Laboratory

Winter 2017




                  SEM, EPMA, lead instructor: Paul Asimow (Asimow@gps; x4133; 253 Arms)

                  XRD: Jennifer Jackson (jackson@gps; x6780; 354 South Mudd)

                  Optical spectroscopy: George Rossman (grr@gps; x6471; 357 Arms)

                  Radiogenic isotopes: Nathan Dalleska (nathand@caltech; x6299; G22 L+R)


                  Lee Saper (

Angela Nan (

Also, lab technicians in the various labs, including: Ma Chi (SEM & EPMA; chi@gps, x6253; 051 Arms)


Lecture Time:

                  1 hr per week, TBD, 267 Arms


Lab Times:

                 4 hrs per week, scheduling will vary over the quarter

                 Note that certain labs require appropriate clothing and footwear for safety or just for warmth; instructors for each lab module will explain these rules.



                  Assorted handouts

Goldstein et al., Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis is available in the GPS library



Weeks 1-2 (01/04/17 – 01/13/17): Scanning Electron Microscope (Asimow, Ma)


Weeks 3-4 (01/17/17 –01/27/17): Electron Microprobe (Asimow, Ma)


Weeks 5-6 (01/30/17 – 02/10/17): X-ray Diffraction (Jackson)


Weeks 7-8 (02/13/17 – 02/24/17): Optical spectroscopy (Rossman) 


Weeks 9-10 (02/27/17 – 03/10/17): Plasma-source mass spectrometry (Dalleska, Farley)




                  5 lab reports, 20% each

                  Late Policy: –10% for each day late