Ge 101, Introduction to Geology and Geochemistry



Get your syllabus (revised 9/17/2012). You can't tell the players without a syllabus. Also, here is the class Collaboration policy.


Field Trip

This class features a mandatory (yet fun) 3-day field trip to Owens Valley and Long Valley, run jointly with Prof. John Eiler. It leaves Friday October 26, at noon and returns Sunday October 28 by 7 PM. You can preview the field trip in Google Earth, if you like.


Lecture Notes

The lecture notes are posted here in advance in the hope that this means you will be armed to the teeth with tough questions by the time you get to class. The full set of lectures is here, but until the day of each lecture what is posted may be last year’s version. Only after the lecture are these notes final and definitive. I recommend you make sure that eventually you have a set of final notes downloaded on the day of or after each lecture. Older browsers may attempt to display rather than download the powerpoint files: in Windows, right-click to get the download menu, choose save file; on Macintosh, option-click to get the download menu, choose save file. Warning: some of these are big files, use caution before downloading over slow connection.


Lecture Notes (Check syllabus for when each lecture is expected to be covered; they may be out of order)


Cumulative Index of Lecture Notes

The index PDF is complete as of a couple years ago, but pages may have moved around a bit, so check nearby pages.


Problem Sets

Again, wait for notice that these sets are final and up-to-date before downloading and starting work on them:

Problem Set 1 as PDF file.

Problem Set 2 as PDF file or MS Word file.

Problem Set 3 as PDF file or MS Word file.

Problem Set 4 as PDF file or MS Word file.

Problem Set 5 as PDF file or MS Word file.


Review Questions

To prepare for the final, consider the following List of review questions and info about the final.